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Masterpiece Collection

Long lasting performance that protects and preserves

Acid-Free Framing & Mounting Foam Boards

EnCore’s Acid-free framing and mounting foam boards meet all tests for archival usage and are ready to tackle your most important and valuable projects.

The Masterpiece Collection was specially created for conservation framing and photo mounting. These unique foam boards deliver two-sided protection from damaging pollutants and harmful gases. Their pH between 7.7 and 8.5 calcium carbonate buffer prevents acid migration from the foam board that would cause irreparable damage from deterioration over the years due to humidity and atmospheric pollutants to the paper items being mounted.

Features & Benefits

  • Acid-Free
  • Amazingly Light Weight
  • Easy to Cut
  • “Memory” Core
  • Uniform Surfaces
  • Available in 1/8″ and 3/16″ (3mm and 5mm UK) and a wide variety of sizes
  • Packed Carton & Bulk