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Quick Answers to Common Foam Board Questions
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How do I cut foam board and achieve clean lines
We recommend using the X-Acto® #1 knife with #11 blades for simple, straight cuts. Other suitable manual cutting tools include the: X-Acto® Utility Knife, X-Acto® Board Cutter, single-edge razor blades, mat cutters and powered cutters.

The tool choice isn’t as critical as keeping the blade clean of adhesive or paint residue and changing blades frequently. A dulled, burred, or broken tip will damage the foam and tear the paper facing. Using a soft-support, such as a cutting mat, under the foam board will prolong the life of a blade.

What is the difference between resilient foam and pillocore, crushable foam?
Resilient foam, found in our White Foam Board, has a “memory” core so when cut, it bounces back to keep the board uniform from edge to edge.

PilloCore® Foam Board has a “crushable” core that when die-cut or embossed the edges stay compressed to create a pillowing effect.

Can you cut foam board with a router?
Yes, you can cut form board easily with a router if you’re using the right kind of knife tool.  An oscillating knife will deliver clean-cut edges without fraying for all of our foam board products. A tangential knife can also do the job if the foam board is heavier and thicker which requires a more robust cutting tool. For more information on cutting foams boards, including videos and foam applications, visit AXYZ International. Click the link below to learn about their popular Trident Series CNC machine.


Is foam board flammable?
EnCore® Foam Board is flammable and may constitute a fire hazard if improperly handled. Do not expose to an open flame or other ignition source.

You may apply flame control coatings to foam board. Two appropriate products are Flame Control 10-10 and 20-20® Flat Latex Fire Retardant Paints. Both are recommended for EnCore® Foam Board by the manufacturer, Flame Control Coatings, Inc. (www.flamecontrol.com). If you would like to use other products of this type, be sure to get the specific fire-retardant data from the manufacturer. To minimize bowing, apply light coats on both sides to balance the paper liners.

Where can I purchase Encore Foam Board?
You may purchase through an EnCore® Foam Board Distributor. If you would like to know one in your area, please feel free to write us a note on the Contact Us page, contact the EnCore® Territory Manager in your area, or call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-873-4868.
Can I print directly to foam board?
You may screen print or use a digital flatbed printer to print directly to EnCore® Foam Board.

When screen printing you may use EnCore® White, PilloCore® and MightyCore® Foam Boards, however, for the best results we recommend EnCore® White or PilloCore®.

EnCore® has worked with major Digital Flatbed Printer Manufacturers to test our foam board/ machine compatibility. For Solvent-Based Inks, we recommend EnCore® White Foam Board, PilloCore®, and MightyPrint® Glossy for their brilliant white surfaces. For UV Curable Inks, we recommend all EnCore Foam Boards, MightyCore®, and MightyPrint™ Expressions for its extra-rigid core and choice of impeccable printing surfaces. For specific foam board/ machine compatibility information, please visit the Digital Board page.

How can I obtain an MSDS sheet?

If you would like an MSDS Sheet on a particular EnCore® product line, please write us a note on the CONTACT US page of our website, or contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-873-4868.

Where do I request samples?
If you would like a sample of the EnCore® Foam Board product line, or just a particular type, please send us an inquiry on the Contact Us page of our website, or contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-873-4868.
Where is Encore Foam Board made?
EnCore® Foam Board is manufactured in Statesville, North Carolina – USA
How do I properly store foam board?
There are several tips below that will help keep your EnCore® Foam Board products in peak condition.

  • Store Foam Boards flat, not leaning on edge or standing vertically.
  • Keep boards in the original shipping box, with the lid closed or store wrapped and sealed on a pallet until delivered to the end user.
  • Store away from loading docks and exterior doors.
  • Ideally, store in a controlled environment at 68°F – 75°F (20°C – 24°C) and at a relative humidity between 45-50% to prevent excessive expansion and contraction of the board’s paper fibers.
  • Allow approximately 24 hours to acclimate to a new workplace.
  • Pre-cut foam board before direct printing.
  • Clean the work area and cover the materials to avoid dust and static electricity.
Is MightyCore similar to Gator Foam? YES!!
Yes, EnCore® MightyCore® has similar characteristics to Gator Board. MightyCore® has an extra-rigid core of dense polystyrene with several thickness and foam/ paper variations. Unlike Gator, no surface preparation is needed and we recommend for use in indoor applications.
Looking for Bienfang Fine Papers?
Please contact Speedball Art at 1-800-898-7224.
Can Encore Foam Board be used in outdoor applications?
Most EnCore® Foam Boards are laminated paper products and they do not fare well in outdoor applications.

EnCore® DuraPrime™ is an all plastic board that may be used in limited outdoor applications.

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